The Reef Grief Song Comp has been launched by Extinction Rebellion activists in Meanjin, so-called Brisbane. There is a $1000 AUD cash prize pool, closing in March 2022. Artists will compete to create music that can help communities process loss of coral ecosystems.

“We may be feeling a range of different and difficult emotions in response to the decline of our reef ecosystems.” says Lody Levy, Extinction Rebellion activist and psychotherapist.

“These feelings are a natural healthy response to the reality of what is happening. When we allow ourselves to feel these emotions, we can move through them and allow them to move through us. Our grief is our love. Strongly felt emotions can enable an integrated response where we feel motivated to protect all that we love”.

The competition is global. Music and sound will be judged on it’s effectiveness as a mourning aid. $1000 AUD will be divided amongst the top 10 entries.

Artists retain all rights and allow the tracks to be played or performed at the Day of Mourning for Dead Reef and associated not-for-profit public events for free.

The funds for this prize come from an individual donor who values our reef, emotional connections and wishes to support our arists who have been struggling during the pandemic. Extinction Rebellion QLD funds are purely to support non-violent direct action and have not been used for this campaign.

For detailed information and how to submit, see the “competition” page